Board of Health

In light of the West Nile Virus cases in Massachusetts in 2018 and the mosquitoes that tested positive for West Nile in Tisbury on August 28, 2018 the Board of Health cautions the public practice mosquito bite prevention. Avoid high mosquito areas and avoid outdoor activities at dusk and dawn, please refer to the Mass DPH fact sheet on mosquito repellents.

West Nile Virus Press Release
Mosquito Repellents

The Board of Health is excited to announce our new Public Health Nurse Lila Fischer, BSN, RN. Please attend her wonderful new programs on subjects like tick prevention, healthy lifestyles, blood pressure and walk and talk with a nurse! She can be reached at 508-939-9358.

Hours Aquinnah Local Drop Off for Trash and Recycling
Sundays: 10am - 4pm
Thursdays: 8am - 2pm
Saturdays: 9am - 1pm (June 15th- October 19th 2019)

Closed for the following holidays: New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, Veteran’s Day and Christmas. Christmas eve we are open 10-1 if it falls on a day when the dump is open.

LDO Fees:
Vehicle Stickers: $10.00 Per Vehicle
Vehicle Stickers Seniors: Free

Barrel and Bag Fees
By the Barrel or Large Bag: $5.00 (32 GAL. OR LESS)
Small Kitchen Bag: $3.00
Coupon Book: $50.00

Note: We encourage the public to take advantage of the discounted barrel price enjoyed when they pay by coupon book.

The Aquinnah Board of Health requests your help by cleaning all food scraps from recyclables and only placing recyclable items in the recyclables. In the current recycling climate it is hard for the town to find recyclers that will accept recyclables that are not clean and free from debris.

An Aquinnah LDO vehicle sticker is required to use the Local Drop Off. Local Drop Off coupons and stickers are available for purchase from the attendant at the LDO. Aquinnah resident may use any of the Landfills in the Martha's Vineyard Regional Refuse District (Aquinnah, Chilmark, West Tisbury and Edgartown).

For more information on programs from the Island Boards of Health go here.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Trish Peters Assistant to the Board of Health (508) 645-2309

Board Members

Name Title
James Glavin Chairman
Gerald Green MD
Sarah Saltonstall RN